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Tyler Thrasher is, as he describes, "just a curious kid" whose day job is crystalizing insects. In addition to our public conversation, signing up for the This Plus That newsletter gets you access to this short bonus clip of our chat, where we talk about plants, capitalism, Tyler's current projects, and what's been inspiring him lately.

Have you ever struggled to know how to weave all your interests together? Are you afraid you’re “too late” to do what you’re here to do? Tired of being told you can only ever be one thing? Or that there’s only one “right” way to be anything, so you often feel like you have to cut pieces of yourself off in order to belong—to find real community?

I've been there. And after all of the moments when I've felt completely isolated, lost and alone in my work path and in my relationships, or that I was "too much" (too "intense") or not "enough" (not "enough queer" or not "enough of a scientist"), and years of frustration over our seeming lack of ability to hold complexity and nuance in each other, I found how I wanted to speak to it all. 

If any of this resonates, this podcast is for you.